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Just re-downloaded realplayer and real player downloader and converter after not having used it in awhile. It worked great the first day for downloading videos from Youtube. Several hours later, though, the download button appeared in the upper right corner of the video, but when I click on it, nothing happens.

Performing a clean uninstall and reinstall of RealPlayer can help you resolve many issues, try uninstalling and reinstalling RealPlayer by following this link:. Make sure you delete the RealPlayer folders as mention in the link before reinstalling RealPlayer. To resolve this issue, please try to change the download location from the RealDownloader window by following the steps given in this link:. After that please try to download videos and check whether you are able to see the RealDownloader window. If the issue still persists, please send an e-mail directly to help real.

The tab for the download will not show up anymore. Still no good. Is there any other advice that might work? If the issue still persists, please send an e-mail to help real. Pls help me;. I have tried the two options also but nothing happen. Please make sure the RealPlayer plug-in is enabled in your web browser by following this link: Please be informed that this issue has been fixed in RealPlayer 16, if you are using RealPlayer 16 make sure the Pepper Flash plug-in is enabled in Google Chrome.

The download this video does not appear with chrome, but it does with IExplorer. I already reinstalled realplayer several times, as well as Chrome, but the problem is still not solved. I followed your directions and opened the page Chrome: However, at the bottom of the list just the third item before the last,I found Pepperflash… and a long name.

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I disabled it. No result came out from all my efforts. Please help me to fix this issue. Thanks and regards. Open Google Chrome. Check RealDownloader 1. If you are using RealPlayer 15, please disable the pepper flash in Google Chrome by following this link: I just uninstalled and reinstalled realplayer and its still not working. I have already disabled pepper flash. Using Google Chrome Real Player But, still I am not able to download on Googlechrome browser. This is frustrating.

Please let me know, if there is any alternative. Our technical team is aware of this issue and currently working on it, however as a workaround please try this step. Open Google Chrome 2. Sorry for the trouble. To resolve this issue, send an email to help real. Sorry for the trouble, Gerald. This worked for a few months, but for some reason no longer does. Click the icon of three short lines in the top right and select Tools. Select Extensions. Close and reopen Google Chrome. I have been using chrome for a couple of years, and realplayer for about the same time.

I have disabled the Pepper Flash, and am current with RealPlayer update. Here is something you can try, http: If that does not work try uninstalling and reinstalling RealPlayer by following: If the issue still persists, please email us directly to help real. But, in chrome version — All of my plugins related to Real are also enabled: See the instructions below for RealPlayer 15, but click Enable instead of Disable. I used to see it appearing when I played the video in facebook and I have tried downloading it once. Ever since then, it didnt appear anymore. What am I supposed to do now?

Hi LaiYee, if you are using Google Chrome version 25, try this steps: RealPlayer can download unprotected online streaming videos. However, we respect copyright so if the video is protected RealPlayer will not download it. I am using chrome and real player Kindly help. Uninstalling and reinstalling RealPlayer by following: Make sure that you have deleted the RealPlayer folders as mentioned in this link to do a clean uninstall. I also have three other RealPlayer related plugins.

RealPlayer Chrome Browser Fix

Please be informed that Google Chrome has inbuilt Flash Player, so pepper flash plug-in will be available on Google Chrome plug-in menu. Follow the instruction given in the link below to resolve this issue:. Thank you so much, the first solution worked very well for me. However, is it possible to retain Flash player? Many webpages require it to be installed to open. I hope you can help! Update it by following this link: Please be informed that Pepper Flash plug-in is not compatible with RealPlayer 15; however it is with the latest version — RealPlayer You can download the latest version of RealPlayer from: I have followed all the steps carefully but this will not work for me.

A problem I am having is that Chrome will not add Realplayer to my extensions list. The plugins are there and are all enabled. Realplayer downloader works fine for me on IE in my machine so this looks again like a compatibility issue between Chrome and Realplayer. I followed the instructions, but still cannot download from YouTube. The instruction 4 …. What should I do. If you are having RealPlayer 16 and using Google Chrome version 25 , try this steps: See the instructions below for RealPlayer 15 6.

I followed all the above mentioned way to download the videos but still not able to download yet. Make sure you delete the RealPlayer folders as mentioned on the link before reinstalling RealPlayer. Ok guys let me share. Just find any ways to update it. Now you can see the choices to update. Those are multimedia plug-ins just click and check the empty box of every choices Examples: RealAudio 2. Step 3- After the installation finish, Go back to chrome browser and you will a new notification plugins.

Just click in then enable it. Step 4 — Close the Chrome browser, There you are the download video will appear on any videos you will visited. My Download this video button is not appearing in Google Chrome. I have disabled pepperflash, I have updated realplayer, and have even completely unistalled realplayer from my computer and started over with a clean copy.

But I still cannot download videos from any website. How can I start downloading again? I have tried every solution I have seen. But it has never maximized from the time I installed it several weeks ago. Please follow the steps below: Open Windows Task Manager 2.

Click Applications tab 3. Please make sure that the RealPlayer Plugin is enabled in your web browser by following this link:. I have real player plus 16 and Google chrome 25 some videos can download down loader will appear, some of them not. Try uninstalling and reinstalling RealPlayer by following this link: I currently have installed: Google Chrome Version I have disabled pepperflash as well as enabled realdownloader extension, still no tab. B Enable Pepper Flash: If the issue still persists, please contact us directly through help real. I cannot download videos in Google Chrome inspite doing according to your insrtructions.

I can see the botton but nothing happens when I click it and I have so far tried all what was mentioned bellow still it does not work,what to do?? Hey guys… faced the same problem u guys were facing…what i would suggest is…try opening youtube or whatever sites from your real player not ur regular IE, firefx or chrome browsers..

Can you help me???? Im using IE. Try resetting your Internet Explorer by following this link: I have tried the steps above, but it;s not still working. Plz contact your system admin for help. Please be informed that only an user account with administrative rights will be able to make changes on the computer. This is how Windows accounts work; RealNetworks has no control over these permissions. Please refer this link for more information: I have tried all of the solutions that I can find online and just tried this one…still no download option with Chrome.

I have to switch over to Firefox which is a hassle whenever I find a video that I would like to download. I tried the various preferences right click, length of time for mouse over Did a reinstall of Chrome to get the latest…disabled Pepperflash.. So I disabled the extension and i uninstalled all of Real Player from my computer and reinstalled again. Specifically in Chrome i have checked that Real Downloader is enables in the chrome: Thank you very much for your help. Have downloaded the latest version of Chrome and Realplayer. But still no luck. Make sure the RealPlayer plug-in is enabled in your browser by following: Plzz help me i am unable to find the option download the video……..

Hope u ll be back to me soon……………. I use Google Chrome, and have Real Plus 15? Hi everybody, today I tried to download some videos from youtube. I updated real player, but still no changes. Thanks for help Joey. To fix downloader using chrome do the following: Click the Option button 3 lines in upper R. Enable RealDownloader 5. Restart You are done! Thanks very much for the easy instructions! Initially, after step 1 and 2 i still had issues with downloading on Chrome, but then i tried the instructions going from this link: Hello my realplayer downloader is not working at chrome, i have tried all above solutions but nothing happened, please suggest me somethnig.

Just thought I would leave a note to help others. I had problems with Realplayer Downloader not working after a system restore which should not have affected realplayer. Nothing I did was working. In the end, I manually went through the Registry Editor and removed anything and everything that had to do with Realplayer you need to view the binary of hundreds of keys because they are not immediately obvious.

I then reinstalled Realplayer and now everything is working fine. Perhaps Real should write a program that removes all related keys for a fresh install because uninstalling leaves hundreds of legacy keys that can prevent the downloader from reinstalling in the registry. I tried the 1st one but it wont work. I have installed the real player but on my desktop its icon is a file and it is not an app….

Please send an email with a brief description of the issue to help real. Then completely close your Google Chrome. Re-open and now you should be able to use the RealPlayer Download button. I have downloaded the latest realplayer several times and each time am unable to download videos no download sign over videos. Cuando empiezo a trabajar en Chrome, me sale la siguiente frase: I am having trouble capturing videos in IE or Chrome. Now nothing happens. Click the Applications tab. Right click on RealDownloader and select Maximize.

This will open the RealDownloader window in full-screen mode 4. Resize the window by scrolling the mouse to the bottom left or bottom right corner of the window; when the double-headed arrow appears, click and drag it to adjust the size. Close the window. Next time you use Download This Video, the window should open to the size you selected. Try the troubleshooting steps provided in this link to fix the issue: I accidently removed Real Downloader from the Chrome Extensions. I uninstalled and then reinstalled Real Player, the package obviously contains Real Downloader as well, but the this time the Real Downloader did not show up in the Chrome Extensions list, and neither does the button Download this video on any of the web video online on screen.

Please help! My reaIplayer has only recently stopped working properly. A quick error message appears down the bottom of the download progress screen saying I need to update my flash player even though I have the latest available! I can download video clips to my library but when I try to watch them there is nothing there but a black screen and no audio even though the progress bar shows it is playing! I am still able to watch other content in my library.

I am running Windows 7 and Google Chrome. Have looked at plugins and there is only one version of flash player and that is active. My RealDownloader no longer functions as it should. I recently installed Google Chrome. Today I removed Chrome and RealPlayer and all of its applications. I tried to find the Flashplayer plug In you described in you instructions, and I cannot find that specific plug In..

There are 3 Flashplayer Plug Ins. I disabled the Plug In with Pepper Flash in the address. The RealPlayer Downloader will not function. I have also downloaded the latest version of Realplayer. Hope you can help Thanks. Program Files x86 GoogleChromeApplication What the heck is going on?

In the meantime, you can try the temporary solution provided in this link if you are using Internet Explorer:. Dan Lovingood. The RealDownloader must be running in the background process. Please follow the steps below to close RealDownloader running in background:. Click the Process tab. Then try to open RealDownloader again. Now try to download videos.

Hi, I am having trouble downloading videos from youtube. Sometimes they download fine, other times they download but will not play, inwhich the thumbnail does not appear. I have tried to resolve this issue quite a few times, but still have not found a solution that has resolved the issue. We are aware that the RealDownloader extension does not appear in Firefox We are working to resolve this issue. I think, after uninstalling Realplayer 16 and installing realplayer 15 will works fine with chrome and windows 7 i.

I have tried and tested it. Real, Thanks for your thoughts, When I try to download a video from YouTube it will download properly but the window to show the download is stuck in minimized. It appears on my taskbar but when I click it, it does not maximize. Windows XP, Vista, or 7 1.

If this does not work right away, try restarting the computer. Windows 8 1. This will open RealDownloader in full screen mode. Resize the Realdownloader window by moving the mouse to either the bottom left or bottom right and dragging the corner to adjust the size. I uninstalled Chrome using the normal uninstall programs in the control panel. Then I re-installed Chrome from Google. I hovered over it and was notified that a real player extension was ready to install. I allowed it and then checked all extensions.

RealDownloader 1. I am happy to say I am now able to download videos with Realplayer from Chrome. I did not disable the …. This is on Windows 8 O. The RealDownloader extension was not there before I uninstalled and re-installed Chrome. I hope this will be helpful to someone but as we all know nothing works every time for every one. I tried step number one but all it did was make the download bar no appear, and i tried uninstalling and installing real player again. Enable the RealPlayer plug-in in your browser by following: Some sites have introduced a new streaming standard and we are working on an update to RealPlayer that will allow for this new format.

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When we have an update on the status of this issue, we will let you know and provide any instructions that may be necessary. I tried both of the steps above.. Still the Download this video button is not displayed.. But it is working fine in IE and Firefox… Pls help.

Please follow the steps provided in this link to change the download location of RealPlayer: Make sure the RealPlayer plug-in is enabled in Google Chrome by following: There is a more efficient and elegant way of resolving the problem whereby the readDownLoader just sits in the taskbar,works, but does not maximize. Follow these simple steps. Any advice? Youtube and other sites have introduced a new streaming standard. We are working on an update to RealPlayer that will allow for this new format. We now expect to release a fix with the next RealPlayer 16 build in mid-August.

In the meantime, you can try the interim solution provided in this link if you are using Internet Explorer: So real player customer wil have to re download real player 16 in August correct? All of a sudden, in the last month or so, I have not been able to open downloaded you tube clips. The clip is downloaded and its file size is portrayed, but when I tried to open I got just a dead window. Incidentally, it wont open with Windows media player Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.

I just downloaded both chrome and realplayer, but the download now button does not exist even on my IE10 windows. Let me inform you, YouTube and other sites have introduced a new streaming standard. Essentially, the files that are being downloaded are not actually MP4s but a new streaming format that is being misidentified as MP4. We are working toward compatibility with this new format and expect to release a fix in mid-August.

Nothing works. Why do I have to keep upgrading all the time? Kindly send an email to help real. You can go to RealDownloader preferences by following the steps below:. Also enable the RealPlayer plug-in in your browser by following: I have updated Real Player and Chrome. I followed your suggestions and nothing. Enable the RealPlayer plug-in in your Google Chrome by following this link: It seems like the RealPlayer has not installed properly in your laptop. Please remove the RealPlayer folders by following the steps below and re-download RealPlayer.

Go to My Computer. Go to C: Go to the Program Files folder. Go to the Real folder. Delete the RealPlayer folders: Go back to the Program Files folder. Go to the Common Files folder. Delete the Real folder: You can download RealPlayer software from: I did both of the fixes, disabled the pepperflash and downloaded realplayer 16 but still no download. Enable the RealPlayer browser plug-in by following this link: Now is there a how to vid? To explain the New Fix feature and how to Activate it in real Player 16? This bites thanks again for your help I hope you can assist me once again.

You will then be able to update your RealPlayer to the newest build. Please note that you may need to re-enable the RealDownloader extension in your web browser as well by following this link:. I did all this steps and it idid work on one video, i open the second video and never worked again, it does work on explorerer but after all the above what else can I do to make it work on Chrome?? After installing RealPlayer follow the steps to enable the RealPlayer Plugin in your web browser by following:.

As soon as I did that, everything worked properly. Good luck. You also have to make sure you are using Real Player I have tried resinstalling Realplayer, but that did not work. So I came here and did what this website instructed- Uninstalled and reinstalled Realplayer. Also, when downloading videos through the Realplayer video search, after downloading, it automatically converts to mp4 format and not flv format. Help plz!? You have to uninstall and re-install Google Chrome first and then RealPlayer.

After that try to download the videos using Google Chrome.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac in 6 Ways

Hi Realplayer Team, I have tried to download videos from a website but the Download this video button does not show up. I updated realplayer and disabled pepperflash but it still does not show up, what should I do? Can realplayer download videos from any website or can it not download videos from some websites? Please help asap! Try to download videos now. The more specific you are, the better we will be able to assist you further and also Please send an email to help real.

Realdownloader window does not bring to front.

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Downloading videos is fine, but the window is permanently minimized and found no solutions to opening the window. Anyone have solutions to this bug? Follow the troubleshooting steps provided in this link to restore RealDownloader: Well, since the latest update of Chrome, the download this video function has stopped working yet again. Nothing has worked so far, including getting latest updates. What now? Step 2: First uninstall and reinstall Google chrome and then uninstall and reinstall RealPlayer by following this link:.

You can try to enable the RealPlayer browser plug-in by following this link: The download option appears, but there is no download window the window that shows the download progress of the video.

O que estão falando…

I have taken the trouble to uninstall and install the latest version of Chrome and RealPlayer, but I am still having trouble with downloading videos. For example, for video clip http: However, for video clip at http: See the instructions provided in the link but click Enable instead of Disable. Program FilesGoogleChromeApplication Performing a clean uninstall and reinstall can help you resolve many issues, to do so follow this link: I fixed it by opening, chrome: There, I found a had multiple Realplayer related plugins. Hope this helps somebody. Click this link to learn how to download videos using RealPlayer: You can download RealPlayer from: If you have additional questions, send an email to help real.

I am ready to go nuts trying to figure out how to get the download button back. I have tried both options above and nothing seems to bring it back. I am very frustrated. Please check that the plug-in is enabled in your browser by following this link: Where are you trying to download videos from? Are you using the latest version of RealPlayer?

Ask RealPlayer: Download This Video in Google’s Chrome Browser

With real player enabled in explorer or chrome turning on the browser lowers my laptop screen resolution have to manually increase it, if real eat works is disabled the browsers work perfectly. If your computer is running Windows 7, the problem may be due to a Compatibility Mode setting in Real Player. Click the Windows Start button in the bottom left of your computer screen. Right-click on the RealPlayer icon.

Go to the Compatibility tab. Uncheck all boxes under Compatibility Mode and Settings. Click Apply. Restart computer and try using browsers again. I have used completed both steps and it fixed my problem. Two days later, I am once again unable to download videos. I have tried disabling pepper as well as other parts of flash as well as downloader and reinitialized my browser in all the possible combinations I could think of.

I have even completely removed Real player and re-installed it along with numerous restarts of my computer, all to no avail. My software versions are as follows: Chrome Version After been for very long with Real Player ive decided to try cloud then it crashes so I revert back to basic real player,but now Ive a problem it stopped when I update it and re turn to the desk top. Ive uninstalled it and installed it several times,still no difference. Thank Please let me know if there is a fix. RealDownloader has limited its compatibility with the latest version of Google Chrome.

Our technical team is aware of this issue and currently working on a fix. This issue will be resolved as early as possible. When we have an update on the status of this issue, we will to let you know. I have tried all the ways to fix the problem.. Download This Video has limited compatibility with latest version of Google Chrome.

Copy its URL and head on to the next step. Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Provide your email so that you can receive the file after it has been converted. Step 5: Finally convert and save your video. Step 1. Go to the website of Limewire and you can get the basic version for free. Install and launch the Limewire Mac downloader. Step 2. Input whatever you want and click search, you'll find lots of files for you to download. Step 3. Then click "Explore" when you finished downloading the file, and you will find your download videos on Mac.

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You can find and get the file by clicking Download button. What's more, several files can be downloaded at the same time. Windows version can be downloaded if you want to download videos from Limewire on your PC. If you can't find the YouTube and Limewire videos files that you need, refer to the guide to know the method of converting downloaded files to other format. Below is a brief guide on how you can start downloading videos from YouTube in just a few clicks.

Restart the browser and open the YouTube video you wish to save to your local storage. Unfortunately, in keeping with the tradition of RealPlayer staying a step behind on the Mac, buggy behavior isn't unusual and the app's best feature, the Downloader, sometimes doesn't function at all. Move your videos across any of your devices - from your smartphone to your Mac to your tablet. Whether you're on the go on the road or on an airplane, download videos from RealPlayer Cloud to your device and watch them even when you're offline. All your devices on the same WiFi network can see each other. So you can easily download your videos to one device from the other.

Do you connect your computer to a TV to watch videos today?!! RealPlayer Cloud is available on Roku and integrated with Chromecast! Did we also mention no wires?!! We value your privacy and security. Share your videos securely and privately with your family and friends with RealPlayer Cloud. Your recipients can be on ANY device or operating system; no need for them to have the app to watch your shared videos! Latest Stories 'Brainchild' producer Jerry Kolber shares his favorite apps The veteran producer and brainchild behind the new Netflix kids' science series says that salvation OneNote is flexible and much liked.

But if it doesn't work exactly like you want, you have plenty of Was this review helpful? For quite a long time the download of videos did not work but now in Sept. A new version This is the only application that downloads and plays flash-videos in a deacent way. Works some sites.. It used to be flawless now a C-. Does not work on YouTube any longer.. One gets a series of small clutter files and not the Flv. It is now a loser program compared to last year. If the site permits downloader to work, it mostly does so.. I discovered this oddity as the extension does link to the downloader from Real also.

Downloader is nonfuncitonal on many sites but see the pros to get it to work. REal needs some programmers who actually know Mac systems as nothing works as it ought Login or create an account to post a review. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Click here to review our site terms of use.