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NAS und den Namen der Festplatte. Das nervt. Dieser Trick hilft: Verbinden Sie die USB Damit sollte Ihr Fernseher keine Probleme mehr machen.

How to format your hard drive | LaCie Support ASEAN

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Komplett-PC im Test All-inclusive: Ultimatives VR-Erlebnis? Moving Applications in OS X to an external hard drive is in the most cases no problem but in this case, WoWs does not start any more.

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I did know some basics of programming so if I had to use Xcode to fix my issue it shouldn't be a problem. Try installing wows to the external drive instead of just moving it Why not just install a program called Parallels on your Mac, then install and run windows as a virtual machine within your mac. You can then install WoWs in windows on your mac and play it just like running it on Windows. We use it at work all the time to run all sorts of windows only apps and it works well.

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When the vm is run it runs Windows in our case Windows 7 perfectly as if it were a standalone Windows PC. It's as easy as pie to do and uses your mac hardware resources quite well, and you can even allocate how much RAM you want to assign to the VM. Sorry, it's a UK link but here you go: So I think that it is the better way, to install it on an external hard drive and keep my money with me ;.

But thanks anyway for your help. But if I started the download, the file is placed at my Documents Folder.

Or did it work that I move the file to my external hard drive after I download it? For example World of Tanks doesn't start anymore after I placed the files on my external hard drive..

How to format your hard drive

I don't use mac so I don't know how it works there, but doesn't it ask where you want your game installed? If I could solve my problem this way, I would not ask for it. The problem is, I think, that I have to use the wrapper to be able to execute the classic Windows ".

The wrapper will download WoWs folder at a specific point Documents and can find it there only. I've already tried an Alias file, but the game just don't start.

windows - neue externe Festplatte wird nicht erkannt ?

If I start it, then the game is new again downloaded. But thanks anyway.