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Compared to iWork and Office, the Google Docs apps are spartan in presentation. Don't expect them to offer the most advanced features you'll find in Microsoft's premium programs, either.

iWork for iCloud vs. Office 365 vs. Google Docs: Which Cloud Productivity Suite Wins?

But for the average small business user, these free, relatively simple apps might be all you need. Still, because it doesn't require an ongoing subscription, iWork for iCloud is likely to be more affordable in the long term for small businesses on a budget. Office is a subscription-based service, and Microsoft offers a variety of subscription plans for businesses of any size.

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The plan offers full access to desktop versions of all Office apps. A Midsize Business plan is also available.

iWork for iCloud vs. Office Which Cloud Productivity Suite Wins?

Google's productivity suite is free in the truest sense. There are no apps to buy and no subscription options to consider. Users who own both the desktop and mobile versions of any iWork app can transition seamlessly between the two, thanks to iCloud. If you want to take iWork for iCloud on the go, stick to the iPhone or iPad -- with one notable exception.

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Because Microsoft's Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 tablets run on full desktop versions of Windows 8, users can access iCloud via either device's desktop browser. A free mobile version of Microsoft Office is available for Android smartphones and tablets, as well as all Windows Phone devices, though you will still have to purchase a subscription to take advantage of Office cloud connectivity. Non-subscribers can still use the apps to view and edit documents that were downloaded or transferred manually to their phone or tablet.

Apple Pages vs. Microsoft Word

Owners of one of Microsoft's Surface tablets can also take advantage of Office Microsoft has yet to unveil a version of Office for iPad, but rumors suggest it could be coming soon. Google's Web apps can be accessed on mobile devices in two ways. First, you can view and edit Google Docs files on any Web-connected phone or tablet in your mobile Web browser.

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Within the app, you can access your files and create a new document or spreadsheet, though the functionality of these mobile apps is very limited. This procedure works with. You can also import. Before you start working on your spreadsheet, look it over carefully. Formatting may have changed, especially with charts.

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Check to make sure the formulas you are using are intact. Roman has covered technology since the early s. He's also written for MacRumors and Realtor. First Look: Excel More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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